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There were many unique and challenging requests for this project. We were asked to make their existing small, rectangular, and boring concrete patio bigger and more interesting with some shade overhead. Another important consideration was to incorporate their potted Arbutus trees into the landscape, which was also to contain a small patch of microclover lawn and a raised planter for herbs and veggies.

We added onto the rectangular patio and made it into a circle. There was not enough room under the door sill to add stone or tile, so we used a local company that applied a very thin decorative stamped concrete veneer, only 1/8" thick! The look transformed the yard.

For balance and continuity, the patch of micro clover lawn was also circular, and some native plantings were mixed with non- natives to complement the Arbutus trees. A path wound its way through the middle of the yard and a cedar arbour will provide shade after a wisteria covers it.


Ladner Before


Ladner After
Ladner After
Ladner After
Before 1/1
After 1/3
After 2/3
After 3/3